The Fine Art paper catalogue for your prints


At PrintLitoArt we are very keen on Made in Italy to export and enhance our beauties in the world, which is why our experts have selected the best 19 types of fine FineArt papers.

The choice was made between strictly Italian suppliers with proposals that led to the best selection of unique FineArt papers, each with specific characteristics, suitable for printing lithographs of art.

In addition, all the selected cards are ISO 9706 certified and ensure the museum quality of conservation over time of lithographs as true works of art.

Among all the papers made available and selected by our experts under the guidance of the Magister, could not miss the “Carta d’Amalfi“. A special type of paper that stands out for its craft production since the Middle Ages.

Its historical name is Charta Bambagina. Coming from the Campanian city of Amalfi, it is created through a meticulous handwork that gives it an ivory color and a characteristic weave.

And that’s not all here. The catalogue contains all the 19 types of FineArt papers and through this you can touch the quality of lithographic printing and the excellence of special workmanship.

It will then be possible to appreciate immediately the craftsmanship that distinguishes our lithographic art Boutique,  because each paper already has its work. The catalogue consists of 19 prints, true lithographic works printed on the different types of paper presenting the special processes offered.

Our catalogue is presented as a refined folder, which contains within it 19 lithographic printed works, including all the special works, in the 35x50cm format. It is a unique way to observe, evaluate and touch the quality of our prints.

The shipping to Italy is free. You can immediately request a copy of the PrintLitoArt catalogue and comfortably receive all the FineArt cards available at home, appreciating one by one all those proposals. It is a great way to get to know the reality of our printing and to evaluate the best solution for your work.

One of our experts will always be ready to answer your requests, do not hesitate to contact us!

PrintLitoArt combines the thirty-year experience of Magister in the art of printing with the millennial tradition of art lithography. The best Made in Italy papers, the possibility of a color proof and special processing. But also the official certifications that make every single lithograph unique and inimitable.

Written by Antonio