Tailor made

We are the Italian atelier of tailor-made art prints. We create tailor-made works of art for you in order to meet the highest demands for personalization of the work itself and the packaging that comes with it. Art multiples are not a copy of the original but a copyright piece, explicitly produced for a specific project in which signature, declaration of the printer, print run and certificate of authenticity are fundamental.

The Tim project

Every year TIM proposes the Christmas gifts project with the aim of transmitting value and differentiating itself, by sending special business gifts to its customers and partners. In the occasion of Christmas, thanks to the collaboration with PrinLitoArt, TIM has given art to its customers this year.

It was about multiples of art for a total of 4500 prints,with size 33x23cm, printed on Fine-Art Stucco Old Mill Premium White paper. Each art multiple was accompanied by a passe-partout made with Italian “Super Black” paper, produced by Fedrigoni.

The 15 subjects, which are works printed with lithographic process, represent award-winning television advertising campaigns. They are all embossed by the Magister and placed in high-quality caskets, ennobled by special soft-touch painting and hot stamping on the TIM icon.

It was about a total of 300 personalized packs, for a totally tailor-made project with which the TIM brand wanted to transmit its company values ​, by relying on the first platform in the world for realization of art prints.

Progetto TIM

What makes unique your art multiple:

  • Crafted Printing: all works are printed one by one, like single artwork;
  • Limited Edition: every fine-art photography is numbered and it is part of a limited series.
  • Certification: our Magister, expert in the art printing, will certify and emboss each artwork.
  • Types of Paper: they are all made in Italy, selected for a final top-quality result.

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