Sell an art lithograph: an excellent tool for the artist

Many artists have already sensed a new way of monetizing works already made: it is about selling an art lithograph. In Italy there are many good artists, painters, sculptors.

We can say that it is the world homeland, thanks to the artistic heritage that the greats of the past have left us. But today there is much more: there are thousands of little painters trying to emerge thanks to their talent or personal branding. In fact, there are hundreds of unknown but technically valid works.

An art lithograph is nothing more than a art copy, that is a reproduction of a work (a painting, a canvas or other) printed with offset lithographic mechanism through plates that imprint color on paper. Leaving aside the technical aspects, you will have a copy of your work in a faithful, traditional way, we would say artisanal.

If the printing is done by masters of art with a certification, the printed work acquires a great value thanks to the limited number of prints. And it is precisely this element that will give greater value to the printed artwork. Then the artist can sell copies of the artwork as a limited edition, with certification and can sign the artwork on the back.

At this point the printing of art lithographs is indeed a reproduction, but will itself constitute an exclusive work of art. Often art galleries display lithographs made by emerging artists or simply, there are sites where artists sell lithographs (even at a price above 700 euros per copy). Another beautiful “touch” for the lithographs concerns the special workings that make the work unique through a gold frame, a relief print or an opaque painting.

Written by Magister