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The Art Multiples are printed with the same tecnique of lithographs
Lithography comes from the Greek and consists of therethos (stone) and gràphein (to write).

Hand press for lithographs.

Nowadays it’s becoming a trend because there is more and more demand for those who want to print art multiples. Although this seems to be more recent, the technique of printing from polished stones originated in Bavaria at the beginning of the 19th century and the authentic principle is very simple.

On a polished stone the subject is drawn with a grease pencil in a mirror-like manner and a thin veil of water is held in the unmarked parts (contrografisms), which the fatty sign (graphism) rejects instead. Passing the ink on the stone thus treated, it is rejected by the parts moistened and retained by the fat parts. Therefore, at the press, the sheet of paper receives only the ink that deposits on the drawn parts and not on the others.

The twentieth century has changed the concept of artistic graphics considering the ancient activity of engraving on a par of the print, surpassing the concept of a contemplator with that of consumer of art.

The technical potential of the 1900s did not change only the capacity of production and artistic reproduction, but also the ways and forms of the use of art by the public. Orienting artists and collectors to create printed works, this is considered by many people an opportunity to experiment with new languages. This definition arose above all from the diffusion of new artistic avant-gardes through photography and cinema that are addressed, by definition, to a mass audience.

Chagall, Le Rendez-Vous

The mass production of graphics, intended as exemplars, has dispelled the aristocratic conception of art that protected the value of the rarity of the unique work. A concept that already in 1936 was clear to the philosopher Walter Benjamin who, in the essay “The work of art in the age of its technical reproducibility” claimed that the work of art has always been reproducible.

The lithography technique has made possible a reproduction and a commercial diffusion capable to reproduce even the scenes of everyday life and to reconfigure the relationship between the object of art, traditionally high, often sacred, and life.

The print of art multiples is not limited to reproducing, but proposes the work of art in a different context than the traditional one of its use: the lithographic reproduction, photographic or record allows the work to be transported in a context of consumption daily, and the art of printing is one of the components that has decreed the success of the Parisian artists of the early twentieth century including Picasso, Matisse, Renoir and Chagall.

At PrintLitoArt weoffer the true print of arts lithographs, paying close attention to the details of each work, ensuring greater durability and other details that enhance the colors and the beauty of every work that a normal digital printing would not allow.

Offset printing, with the use of slabs, allows us to offer an unsurpassed quality, able to embellish each work in a traditional way with inks suitable for art printing and with the addition of other details such as hot stamping or in relief to make every reproduction unique.

Today it is possible to reproduce artworks in a simple way and with all the quality of Made in Italy.

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