Print pictures on photographic paper: how to do?

Which media to choose to make perfect prints? Print pictures on photographic paper requires experience and knowledge of the products used. Special paper, inks suitable for every single subject, the most modern lithographic printing machines and the Magister’s experience are the keys to our success.

The lithographic print, of reproductions of paintings and photographs, is an art that we have always dominated and which we continue to perfect year after year. The faithful representation of the colors of a painting cannot be obtained with classic digital printers. The colors of the works of art are often the result of the complex union of colors and printing technique.

Print pictures on photographic paper with PrintLitoArt means combining different factors such as, for example, good photographs of the original work and offset printing machines, which have always guaranteed the fidelity of the image shown on the paper. Our are offset printers able to obtain a print of up to 8 colors, with rapid drying that generates an excellent level of color brilliance, also thanks to the high degree of gloss of the H-UV paint. Before making the final print of the work of art you can request the color test with the simulation of the selected paper so as to have an accurate idea of ​​how the colors of the lithograph will be.

To have a concrete example of how we at PrintLitoArt usually print pictures on photographic paper you can order a catalogue containing samples of our art lithographs, printed with all possible color combinations, including special features, to allow you to touch with hand and live the quality of our products in the first person. That’s how we value your work!

The catalogue folder contains 19 lithographs printed in 35×50 cm format on all our types of paper, totally Made in Italy. Among these stand out the Symbol Life Gloss and Symbol Life Ultra Gloss of 250 gr / m2 which guarantee a high gloss effect for photographic printing. With their characteristic consistency and glossy patina on the surface they allow to enhance the four-color process giving a brilliant effect to the lithographs. And then there is the 210g / m2 Stucco Old Mill Premium White, coated instead, with the special grout treatment on both sides, which allows a particularly sharp and brilliant print.

Now it remains to understand just how to print your paintings on photographic paper and PrintLitoArt can help you!
Start now by configuring your lithographs and in just a few steps you will also have a complete estimate.




Written by Magister