Print multiple copies of the artwork

The reproduction of the work of art, today, helps every artist to be known by the general public and print multiple copies of the work of art increases the chances of making their talent appreciate quickly and simultaneously in multiple locations.

We have not discovered anything new, in fact the printing of lithographs of art was born already at the beginning of the last century in Europe and the art of printing is just one of the components that has decreed the success of the Parisian artists of the early twentieth century including Renoir , Chagall and Picasso.

The latter, master and experimenter, demonstrates throughout the course of his career, a strong interest in graphics, from etching to etching, from aquatint to lithography, creating exemplary works both from a technical and iconographic point of view to express a great variety of content.

Now it is very easy to print a copy of your work to present it at an event or simply to give it to someone. What is certainly not obvious is the quality of the prints!

With digital printing it is possible to have in a very short time a reproduction of the work of art with good technical characteristics, in fact, the printing machines have reached good levels of technology in recent years, but what still manages to make the difference is experience. What characterizes a true professional of the art of printing is the critical eye.

Our offset lithographic printing is made with machinery of high technical sophistication but above all it is entrusted to Magister, a professional with over thirty years of experience in the art of printing. The combination of these two fundamental elements allows us to print multiple copies of the work of art with the guarantee that each lithograph becomes a unique work, of excellent technical workmanship, because a craftsman with this level of experience can offer first of all the right advice on how to print an art lithograph.

PrintLitoArt is the largest online platform for the printing of fully made in Italy art lithographs, created with the aim of helping all artists to emerge and be known by the general public through the reproduction of works of art.

We know well that it is not easy to find who, in addition to printing lithographs, is able to recommend the best solution to enhance the characteristics of each individual work of art. The true lithographic print, the one that PrintLitoArt proposes to its artists, the lithographic printing with the plates to be clear, guarantees a high fidelity of printing to the original file, without decreasing the quality level even if you decide to print more copies of the work art.

Are you still thinking about how to print multiple copies of the artwork? Enter here and find out how easy it is to realize in few steps the art lithographs of your work with the PrintLitoArt configurator.

Written by Magister