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At the center of the scene the work (oil on wood) presents a turbulent and violent encounter of shapes and colors, especially black, dark blue and violet, which cling to each other as if searching for an outlet. In the background, the offshoots of a yellow disk, almost a detached sun, far away even if so close, gigantic and yet not free from the risk of being swallowed up by the turbulence of the clash.

The work is to be inserted into the informal and abstract vein, through which the Maestro Vavuso, in the midst of his expressive search for indifference through color and decomposition, highlights the fury of artistic creation and existential restlessness. This work, with a strong visual impact due to the irregular intersection and the inexhaustible movement of the shapes, fully expresses the magma that is stirred in the soul of the artist, but also his need to keep it under control to live the liberating catharsis within limits certain. In fact, despite these shapeless forms darting from all sides, the representation seems almost to have a focal center, because the tongues of color act within a space that is basically circular and without evident openings.

Dark colors predominate, in an almost purple dominant: they appear pregnant with energy, engaged as they are in a titanic and contradictory inner struggle, in which the desire to explode in a disharmonious, painful but impregnated cry of the vital impulse triumphs in the end the artist feels ever stronger inside himself.

At the same time the colors and the lighter shades, placed at the limits of the chromatic knot, open outwards in a spirit of cosmic inspiration still to be explored, but such as to represent a grain of hope in that conquest of creative space that ends with the ‘to assume a strongly existential value.

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