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The sleep of reason

by Vincenzo Vavuso
Year: 2014
Technique: Chromostructure
Dimensions: 38x76x46 cm

Like the other works of the series “Anger and Silence”, the sleep of reason intends to denounce the violent attack to which Nature, here represented by the arid and burned ramification, and the culture, the knowledge and the art, here symbolized by the pages of the book, are subjected. They are deformed, distorted, suffocated by indifference and by the ignorance and, in the moment when beyond the aggressions, the signs of the past and natural grandeur of the two entities transpire, the scene becomes one grotesque deformation of the beautiful in its pure state. Not only despair or denunciation, though. The glasses placed on the book in their crushing express the self-destructive attitude of the man who, in doing so, prevents himself from “seeing”, but at the same time, through the preservation of a lens, even if injured, represent the possibility and the hope that the man, recovering the reason, can finally return to “see”, recovering his natural dignity. The title is an explicit reference to the famous quote of Goya “The sleep of reason generates monsters”. In this case the “monster” is represented by the self-destructive and irrational negation that the man works on the nature and culture positive potentialities, the Dignity and the faculty of Knowledge absolute instrument, which allows the man to be such, distinguishing himself from other animate beings.
Description: Chromostructure cm 76 x 46 x 38, formed by a deformed tree fragment, curved, from which ends there are small shoots. On the right, the branches extend upwards, as if seeking help, on the left, on a less bumpy layer, on the woods, an open, singed and crumpled book is placed, on the end of which, almost in suspension on the page waves, there are the remains of a pair of glasses, with an empty circle and another, regularly provided with a lens, but which is shattered in several places.

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