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The canvas of the kingdom

by Vincenzo Vavuso

Work title: The canvas of the kingdom

Year: 2015

Technique: Fusion and crystallization

Dimensions: 70x100x2 cm

The work is one of the first of the new creative series made by Vincenzo Vavuso, called Spider Art, with reference to the web that surrounds us but also to our ability to weave creative and constructive webs  in the name of the art. It is the ideal evolution to the series “Anger and Silence”, which intends to denounce the violent attack to which the best qualities of men are subjected: his dignity, his creativity, his ability to produce culture and to live the dream of art through sensitivity. The symbol of this series is the alternation between black and white, as if to say the possibility of choosing of the man between light and shadow, between conscience of consciousness and acceptance of unconsciousness. This work recalls the idea of the clash between black and white, with the possible victory of the white, which has almost surrounded the black and gives the hope of being able to finally defeat it, being the work of erosion begun even compared to the frame. Everything happens, however, in the form of a spider’s web, therefore slowly, albeit with decision, and with the suspension in the vacuum where the artist perceives the life of the current society, so much so that the lack of the canvas creates real holes and the white of which we have spoken assumes identity and color only if it finds the point of support, in our case on a wall necessarily white. The title is a play on words that recalls, as already said, the spider’s web, inserting, however, the

assonant term “kingdom”, which evokes the idea and the hope of a new world where, at last, culture and art reign and the dignity of men is fully affirmed. And we should no longer fight “in suspension”.

Description: Chromostructure of 70 cm x 100 x 2, formed by a rectangle of twisted wires with textural width, most of which, especially the external ones, with a white background, and a core more resistant, on a black background, it’s concentrated in spots towards the center. The frame, black, develops, but it doesn’t complete in the side corners. The entire rectangle is as suspended, without a supporting canvas, also thanks to the effect of strands of molten and crystallized material.

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