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Work by Gerardo Iorio made in August 2008 on “Rubens” paper with graphic technique.

It is the interpretation of a poem written by Viola Smith entitled “IO and TE”,

climbing creeper on the same bark

started from the same root,

we will come to touch the sky,


without ever knowing it.

Gerardo Iorio, interpreter of poetic values ​​transferred to the imaginary, knows how to bring out from the heart of a rose, a fervent flame that nourishes the unity of love, the miracle of unity that derives from a two-constellation constellation. He knows how to clarify that the perfect union of loving senses requires individual freedom in the constancy of connections of thoughts, actions, directional choices. All this in tune with the universe that confirms the guardian couple of a treasure of entrenched feelings and life / poetry. Even in the loss of a hug the artist discovers the value of a plot that is mutual promise of harmony, which takes place when the love met grows vital in the seasons of existence.

Angelo Calabrese (scholar and art critic)

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