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Senza Remore

The oil on masonite, which dates back to 2010, presents a turbulent and violent movement of shapes and colors, with almost absolute dominant white, black and red. Only in a little corner at the bottom left a purple gash peeks out. The direction of the movement, although not totalizing, is from left to right, and the lines that are formed in the momentum, despite the propulsive force, remain largely regular, so much so as to seem daughters of the kinetic and binary explosion of its power.

The work is to be inserted into the informal and abstract vein, through which the Maestro Vavuso, in the midst of his expressive search for indifference through color and decomposition, highlights the fury of artistic creation and existential restlessness. Just the double value of the lines gives tone and meaning to the emerging message in the immediate visual impact. The magma that is stirred in the soul of the artist is seething, but just as strong is its need to keep it under control to live the liberating cathars within certain limits.

If we wanted to translate this work of pure abstraction into concrete words, it would seem that the artist wants to unleash his protest and his anger against the brakes, the hypocrisy, the guilty apathy of a society that is too dry for his tastes, on the other he wants his protest not to be lost in nothingness, but to have undefinable objectives, even if not yet defined. Hence the need for a channeling: against an anarchically sterile protest, in favor of a strong and constructive controversy towards a real alternative.

This reveals an important role of rationality, but the prime mover of the scene remains the emotional rejection of the negative that surrounds us: it is from here that the creative and engaging fury that characterizes this work is born.

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