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Fiore Mediterraneo

The work Fiore Mediterraneo is an oil on panel, year 2007. At the edges, as a frame, stand out and at the same time layers of brown dominant open up to the movement, as if to indicate not only the earth as the bottom of the roots but also the mother earth that welcomes us in her womb and envelops us in the air. Within this envelope, in an almost alternating burst of light, of azure splashes and shades of green around dry wood-colored bushes, a plant appears, not flowered or perhaps not yet flowered.

The work, of beautiful visual impact in its harmonious disharmonies, belongs to that abstract vein through which the Maestro Vavuso transfigures into the color and vagueness of the forms his impetus towards the artistic creation and the dream of a liberation of personal and social energies. . As often happens in the abstractions of Vavuso, within the informality of lines and colors, we can see clearly evocative figures of reality, which from time to time contribute to bringing out a clearer and stronger message from pictorial vagueness.

In this case, the emergence of the Mediterranean flower, in the contrast between the light colors of the plant and the dark and / or dark ones of the earth, wants to express the cry of pain against those moral and social forces that dull the liberation of our spirit and the necessity of a palingenesis through the emergence of new shoots. It is a tiring “renaissance” and a stronghold of struggle and tension. It is a rebirth that, if it can make the stems tick, it is not yet able to give birth to the petals.

The strength of the nascent flower, however, seems able to have the best, so the plant does not look like that of a flower suffocated but that of a flower that is being born, or reborn, despite the potential “suffocation”. And so the whole work takes on the poetic taste of warm whisper of hope.

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