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The work, an oil on canvas, dates back to the year 2005. It represents a double dimension of the sea-blue sky, separated longitudinally by the convergence of the light foam of two waves converging from opposite directions and about to explode in a stormy collision. Under the surface of the water, we can see chiaroscuro shapes of dolphins ready to emerge in the great jump, to go beyond the surface of the sea and stretch towards the sky, where other birds are already flying freely, evoked by aerial black silhouettes.

The work goes back to that abstract vein through which the Maestro Vavuso, who also in the works of recent years has favored the strength of the conceptual structure, transfigures into the color and vagueness of the forms the personal human and creative fury and the aspiration to ‘soul. The painting is of immediate visual impact both for the clear evocation of the marine scenery, both for the movement of the lines and the suggestive variations of the blue dominant, which ideally and materially links the waters and the sky above.

Despite having a focal center, the representation does not end in the scene. The clear flashes of the splashes of water, the momentum of the dolphins upwards, the shades of the blue on the water and in the immediate marine sub-surface, thanks also to the crack in the central area, boil in a thrill that announces a ‘explosive decomposition of the elements, ready, however, after the explosion and / or the jump, to a subsequent and more orderly recomposition.

The scenario, apparently naturalistic, is also a foreshadowing of a state of mind that in boiling in the elements and in the emergence of the dolphins, to which the flights of the pure birds in the sky contrast, expresses the seething tension of the artist in the moment of creation and, at the same time, of man how strong he feels the vital energy that within him is running away. It is a constructive tension, because from the inner primordial chaos through the magmatic explosion of the stormy wave one can then generate the flight towards the conquests of creativity and the seagull that the artist in particular, and the man as such, feel I live inside of myself.

And so the microcosm that is stirred in us is sublimated in the celestial macrocosm in which we feel naturally placed.

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