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The work, an oil on canvas dates back to the year 2005. It has a widespread dominance of blue, with slight ripples of a material type. This light blue base is separated longitudinally by a cut of light, soaked in green, like a comet. At the top, in the center, a yellowish concretion evokes the figure of a bird. It, even judging from the title, can be placed in the so-called “cosmic phase” of the artist, which with informal features and material evocations aims to represent the chaos, now calm and stormy, which characterizes the universe, and to evoke energy underlying it.

An energy that, regardless of the religious dimension, has its origins in a more mysterious one. This also seems the message of the work: the central cut makes us think of the Milky Way, the figure in
high at the primary source or at a creator’s eye or even at a superior point of view. The scenic effect of the universal dimension and of our collocation in the whole is also favored by the informality of the signs, which, however, to a more alert and attentive eye, in the works of Vavuso is never absolute.

In this “Cosmos”, consciously or unconsciously, the basic background evokes Italy in the Mediterranean and in relation to the African and Asian adjacencies. And here and there, even within the “comet of light” that cuts, we can see shapes that look like ectoplasms of humanity. They are not disturbing presences, though. All this generates a stunning wind of the soul, as it can happen every time we feel drops of the infinite and we perceive that in the end there is “sweet sinking into this sea”.

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