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Cementina #1

These three works are part of a series started in 2016 that I called “Le Cementine”. As the name suggests, these works recall, in shape and sometimes even in its content, the ancient hexagonal tiles that with their geometric motifs have made the history of floor coverings on horseback between ‘800 and’ 900 in Italy, even anticipating the “optical art “.

The compositions emulated “carpets” and created optical illusions in advance of the artistic trends of the 1960s. My works intend to take up this handicraft product, typical of our tradition, and make it contemporary: a classic container of innovative shapes and new experiments.

The hexagonal canvases can play by sticking together with the others in large compositions, creating real vertical carpets that wind on the wall in infinite combinations, or remain unique and sunny, as in this case, and so the hexagon becomes a symbol, the perfect shape, geometric that becomes a supporting structure and allows the birth inside of something new, new forms in progress.

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