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Animo Inquieto

Artwork by Vincenzo Vavuso.

Technique: oil on canvas, 70×100 cm

The work is placed in the moment in which the Maestro Vavuso, prey to the “abstract fury” of his expressive search for the indivisible through the color, prefers the abstract painting.
This work, with a strong visual impact due to the variety and the movement of lines and colors, fully expresses the magma that is stirred in the soul of the artist. The representation does not have a focal center and is not exhausted, because the colors flicker in all directions and with all the shades, in a frenzied mixture of light and dark.
At a closer look, we realize that the predominant colors are strong and pregnant with energy, such as red, yellow and green, which emerge as winners from a titanic inner struggle between jumps of strength and falling spirit, in which at the end triumphs the desire to explode in a disharmonious chromatic cry, but well directed towards life and the affirmation of the vital impulse that the artist feels ever stronger inside himself. At the same time the chromatic light opens outwards in a spirit of cosmic inspiration still to be explored, but such as to represent a small big polar star for the third eye from which the artist seems to let himself be guided.

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