How to promote and sell a work of art online

An emerging artist must work hard to be known and appreciated by the general public, must be original and at the same time be able to sell their talent, then we see how to promote and sell an artwork online.

PrintLitoArt is proposed to the public as the largest platform for the printing of lithographs of art entirely Made in Italy, we offer a high degree of customization of all the works to be reproduced and we care to help emerging artists to promote and sell a work of art online.

We want to be a world reference point for high quality printing of works of art, making it accessible to everyone to print lithographs of art and then promote their art online by presenting themselves and their works of art.

We know how hard it is for an emerging artist to reach the general public by selling their paintings, and it becomes even harder to see the first gains. Many art galleries and auction houses, for example, to avoid mistakes, rely on the works of artists already known so as to have a sure benefit.

Promoting and selling your work of art offline with traditional art marketing has become virtually complicated and certainly very expensive. First of all a traditional press office has to be negotiated where to rely on real communication professionals to build and nourish the reputation of an artist, but, apparently, especially at the beginning of an artist’s career, it is difficult to take on such a big burden .

In addition to a press office, you can publish images of your works of art in the pages of specialized magazines every month, but every time the return in economic terms and visibility is never the desired one. Also in this case we are facing a very high cost.

So how to promote and sell a work of art?

Almost no matter how much your work is beautiful, the point is that you have to know how to sell.

We at PrintLitoArt want to help all emerging artists who decide to entrust us with the printing of art lithographs and we have also thought about how to promote and sell works of art.

The first suggestion that we propose is precisely to print the lithographs of art immediately, in this way it is easier to reach the general public to make known quickly themselves and works of art especially because selling an art lithograph is more simple and much quicker than selling the original artwork. The public, on the other hand, will know and appreciate your talent without paying big money.

Our reproductions are not ordinary digital prints. We use printing machines with a high technology and Magister’s support that, from the height of his professional experience in the art of printing, helps the artist to realize his lithographs to the full, emphasizing every detail. His advice facilitates the choices of the artist for the format of the print, the technique to be used and the choice of the most suitable type of paper.

One thing that should not be underestimated is that for the printing of quality art lithographs you do not need any intermediary, just enter our evolved platform and in a few steps you can configure the final layout of the print to receive in real time the estimate, also complete home delivery of lithographs.

Our help on how to promote and sell a work of art online continues because we offer each artist a space dedicated to him, his own page of our website where to publish the most relevant information such as the name, the biography and where to enter photos with descriptions of all the works that are printed with us. Each page of the Artists Gallery will be characterized by a personalized link so that you can share the same page on other websites, social profiles, via email and how much still offers the digital world.

Without any doubt, we can define that PrintLitoArt is not only the Italian boutique of quality printing where you can print works of art with a high degree of personalization, but at the same time helps every artist to create and manage a digital 2.0 press office in complete autonomy. Our assistance service will always be available to offer useful tips for printing art lithographs and how to publish their works of art on our website.

A very important aspect of the support that we at PrintLitoArt offer to promote their own lithographs of art is our Blog, a space full of theme content where we usually emphasize the latest artistic trends and the most interesting proposals of lithographs of art that are requested to us.

The sharing of blog articles on our social pages and those of the artists themselves will act as a worldwide sounding board for proms

Written by Magister