How to print a painting

What are the best techniques for printing pictures and having a faithful reproduction of the artwork?

How to avoid being faced with faded colors, or worse, that don’t match the original colors used by the artist or inadequate paper that makes a totally opposite effect of the artwork?

Our answer on how to have a reproduction of artworks of excellent quality is to rely on professionals of the art of printing with over thirty years of experience that first of all can give the right advices on how to print paintings.

PrintLitoArt is the largest online platform entirely Made in Italy created to help all artists to be known by the general public through the reproduction of artworks.

Setting up an art lithography with PrintLitoArt is very simple because through our platform it is possible to create a new lithograph in just a few steps.

You can start by selecting the format that best suits the size of your artwork and then you can complete the process by choosing the type of paper and the printing mode. You can customize the lithography with our special features and get a complete estimate of the print. The lithographies will be printed and sent individually to the artist’s home.

The advantages of printing frames with PrintLitoArt don’t end there, we haven’t focused only on the simplicity of using the platform and on the technological innovation of the printing machines, we have an extra gear: the Magister.

The art of printing’s master will first of all advise the artist the right solution to give his work the right value. He is a craftsman of graphic arts that will guide the artist through all possible combinations and at the end of each printing process of the artworks will sign a certificate attesting the authenticity of the lithographies by numbering each copy one by one and making its own quality seal with its own dry brand. Printing paintings is now available to everyone and we are committed to spread art with simplicity, pursuing the balance and beauty of our tradition.

Written by Magister