How to number prints of art

In terms of prints of art and their numbering, one cannot avoid mentioning the basic concepts of uniqueness and exclusivity.

The certification, in the first place, is important because whoever buys any work has a particular need, for some complex traits. In the prints of art he buys wants to recognize himself in that same work, get hold of- something he will love and from which he has been deeply attracted.

The very fact that the work is unique or in a limited series adds a strong value both conceptual and economic: a smaller number of prints realized corresponds to a higher purchase value.

This is why the number of prints we want to reproduce must be decided first. Certifying the printing of prints of art is synonymous with seriousness.

The certification in fact is not another than a simple original certificate that accompanies the work, describes it and shows the essential elements such as, for example, the printing technique. In addition, fundamental in the certification, it is precisely the numbering of prints of art associated with a numbering plus the author’s own signature on his work.

In addition to the certification of the author, the actor who prepares prints of art, can accompany with an independent certification, as is that of the magister of the art of printing. All this will contribute to contributing to the documentation and the history of the passage of the work.

There are no absolute regulations in terms of art multiples and numbered series. As mentioned, the more the numbering goes up, the more the value of the single work decreases. It is a choice that we can define strategic by the artist. The recommended size is however around the minimum of reproducible copies: ten. Series of prints numbered greater than ten are certainly feasible and more manageable even at the economic level but will pay the value of the single copy because it would remove the value of rare object and collectible.

It is true that when our prints of art are sold out, the perception that the buyer will have is completely available in front of the first copies, consequently, when they arrive at the last, availability is almost finished, the perception will change exponentially, until reaching the last almost the value of unicum.

Recall that when a series goes to print, it will certainly be possible to provide a reprint but the series will be different because in the lithographic printing of numbered series, printed the works of the same series, the plates used for their reproduction will be destroyed.

Written by Magister