How to choose the frame for works of art


Choosing a frame for works of art is not at all simple. Surely at first glance we will be taken by scenographic frames, imperious, really beautiful but that clash in a clear way with the environment in which we want to dispose them. Here, the first point is just this:

1. The furniture

When we choose a frame for works of art, we must take into account that this will have to “shine” in our living room or in our main hall and it will surely be among the first things ever that anyone who comes to visit us will notice. This is because art has its own value, we can not choose the frame for works of art of value as the first we like best. We need attention, coordinated with the furniture but also coordinated with the work itself.

2. The work of art

We speak of frame for works of art, this means that we must somehow emphasize its content so as to make it justice. Therefore, depending on the picture, we should make sure that the frame exalts its colors, shapes and design. For example, in some works of modern art, it is better to do without the frame, while if we have a large picture, then it would be better to have a smaller frame that leaves room for the work.

3. Simplicity

Simplicity, even in terms of frame for works of art, never goes out of fashion! If it is a photograph or a work in black and white, what wins is definitely the minimal style: black and white for the frame too. Certainly, when in doubt, the elegance of black & white never disfigures and allows the frame to adapt to both interior furnishings and the work itself that will host.

4. Vintage mode

If what we want to focus on is an ancient painting, which enriches the colors of our interiors, here too we could propose a great classic: the golden frame with the vintage effect is ready to bring out the best of your painting. 900. Even in this case, although this frame for works of art is a great classic, it is appropriate that everything is harmonious and therefore in keeping with the decor of the place that will host it.

5. Series of works of art

The last thing to take into account is always in relation to the place where we would like to hang this frame for works of art. Obviously it will be necessary that in front of several works, perhaps distributed on the same wall and with subjects of little discordant, the frame is the same. We would like to give advice, such as experts in printing lithographs of art: even if we use the same frame for similar works of art, it is good that these are always divided by an element (in tone) of the furniture.

As for the purchase, what to say? There are so many possibilities. It is possible to ask to work wood to create the frame that we like best, you can find it at the markets, the shops or even online. The possibilities are the most disparate. Good luck and pay attention!

Written by Magister