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The simulated color test

With the color test you will be able to know how your art multiples print will be

By purchasing the digitally simulated color test you will have an idea of the color that your artwork will have all on a glossy photo paper that simulates the background and characteristics of the selected paper.Through the simulated color test you will be able to understand if the paper that you have selected is suitable for your artwork or if you will have to correct the file before printing.

The file you send us has to be in Adobe PDF format with high resolution and CMYK colors (at least 300dpi), possibly made by a professional photographer.

You will touch with your hand what will be the effect of the color of your printed work, and you could decide to confirm it or reorder a further color test.

Start now to configure your color proof

The price is € 9.90 with free shipping in Italy.

NB: The color test simulates the type of paper and its characteristics, therefore, is not to be considered a substitut of the printing on selected paper..

The paper used for the digital color test is a photographic paper (glossy coated) printed in digital way and non-lithographic like the actual printing process where the final result of the art multiples prints may not be perfectly in line with what has been realized in simulated printing phase.

You can request an additional color test with 100% reliability on the selected paper, by purchasing a lithographic process color test. Find out more contacting our customer service.

Choosing to print at least 10 art multiples, you will receive a free printing color test.

Touch the quality of the lithographic print of the PrintLitoArt catalog

- Receive the complete catalog with 19 lithographs in 35x50 cm format - Discover all the Made in Italy cards and special offers offered

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