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The Magister of graphic arts, our expert in printing lithographs

The Magister of the printing art

Magister (from the Latin Maestro – Teacher in English), has at least 30 years of experience in lithographic technique printing.

They are professionals with a big knowledge of an artistic discipline, in this case the graphic arts, and they can also teach others.

Our Magisters guarantee the craftsmanship and the uniqueness of every art reproduction thanks to their technical knowledge combined with the use of the best printing systems for art multiples. A lot of people can have access to the printing machines, but the people, skills and the experiences of the Magisters that are distinguishing the trademarks on our reproductions of art. Printed and checked one by one.

We do not make digital copies but artworks printed with the lithographic process under the supervision of the Magisters of graphic arts using lithographic systems among the best in the world.

The dry brand that the Magister will make on every lithograph.
Dry Mark of the Magister – Certification of lithographic system printing

You can contact us and have an expert who will follow you from the first phase of art multiples configuration. This is what makes PrintLitoArt the first worldwide printing platform for art multiples 100% Made in Italy.

Inspired by the craftsmanship and excellence of Made in Italy, we have selected the best Fine-Art italian paper to make every single work unique thanks to the special processes that contribute to give greater value to the art multiples.

The printing process of the art multiples is personally followed by the Magister who, at the end of each cycle, marks every single reproduction with his own dry label as well as delivering the certificate on parchment paper as a quality seal and verification of art prints.
The Certification of the art multiples printing is always included in the price.

Touch the quality of the lithographic print of the PrintLitoArt catalog

- Receive the complete catalog with 19 lithographs in 35x50 cm format - Discover all the Made in Italy cards and special offers offered

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