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The certification of lithographic printing of the artwork

Art Multiples Certification

Why PrintLitoArt offers the certification of art multiples printing?

The certification of art multiples is a document written by our graphic arts Magister to certify first of all that the printing of the work has been carried out at our headquarters.

This gives the artist who decides to print the art multiples with PrintLitoArt the security of truthfulness on the printing process and more specifically will have the guarantee:

  • printing machines used for artistic reproduction
  • the uniqueness of the prints with the serial number to make each production cycle a limited edition
  • the destruction of the print file and the plates after being used for the printing
  • the authentication of the whole process and the presence of witnesses
  • the conformity of the print with respect to the file sent by the artist

When the artist receives the reproductions directly to his home, with the certification of the lithographic print process, he can personally sign his printed works one by one. These will be sent individually in customized tubes so that they can be delivered directly to their admirers.

Here at PrintLitoArt, we believe a lot in art and every day, thanks to the experience of our Magistri of the Printing Arts, we try to offer a better service. The certification we offer is always included in the price. This is because every single print is important to us, every single print is unique, just like your work.

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