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The art lithographic print process

Lithographic print process

The maximum technology available to our Magister

PrintLitoArt uses only lithographic printing technique for your art multiples. This ensures an excellent result of sharpness of the images, a semi-sartorial final result with a high level of customization also thanks to special processing, hyper-performing machinery and our workers, which ensure a high degree of efficiency and quality in all processes of printing.

  • Precision: in full respect of the tradition of printing, our machines ensure at the same time an extraordinary precision in the prints combined with a high degree of craftsmanship.
  • Concentrated and fast drying inks: to ensure a high level of ink hold over time and light, we use only chemical and fast drying inks. This will allow at your work, a great seal over time.
  • It is not just any print: the digital printing of art is approachable to everyone. We  offer the traditional lithographic offset printing with rollers with specially made slabs that will be destroyed at the end of each production cycle (order).
  • One-color printing: Also known as Black and White printing. It will have the standard black as the default color.
  • Two-color printing: add a special pantone color in addition to the standard black.
  • Four-color printing: CMYK is the acronym of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key black. This model of printing is also called four-color process.

Touch the quality of the lithographic print of the PrintLitoArt catalog

- Receive the complete catalog with 19 lithographs in 35x50 cm format - Discover all the Made in Italy cards and special offers offered

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