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Special lithographic processing and customization

Special processing and customization

Add more value to your artwork with our exclusive special features

With our special processes you can customize your art multiples. They are unique workings of their kind and allow to embellish the work with high quality effects and high artistic impact.

Stampa a caldo

The Hot stamping is a printing process that involves an incision with a cliché. With this technique we can make finishes with metallic effects of different colors to different areas of the printed work. An example are the shiny gold frames or bring out a detail of your work with a metallic colored effect (we can make a sunset in orange metallic color). In this way you can give your work a unique effect and make it even more exclusive.

L'embossing di PrintLitoArt

The Embossing is a mechanical procedure that allows to print on the paper a relief effect. At PrintLitoArt we can apply this special process on some details of your work or on entire areas with a 3D effect, giving the embossed area a great effect.

Esempio di Verniciatura UV Offset opaca

Opaque and UV Screenprinting: This partial processing is generally used to create contrasting lights with bright paint effect on certain elements of the work. In this case the goal is to give prominence to some parts of the picture, giving an exclusivity and importance to the element. The remaining part of the work will instead have an opaque effect.

Verniciatura Soft Touch dona una sensazione vellutata all'opera stampata

Soft touch varnish: Soft touch varnishing is a total process (therefore extended to the whole paper format) which guarantees a soft touch sensation and a light, opaque and anti-reflective sensation. Moreover, this type of processing protects the colors from the light, guaranteeing to the work greater durability over the time.


Pantone color: the 5th and 6th colors (which are added to the 4 basic ones) are two special processes that are often used by artists who want to give greater brightness to certain colors (an additional color or a second). This happens thanks to two additional Pantone colors with 100% pure color. These processes are ideal to give greater brightness to two colors of the work, especially if the work is mainly composed of one or two colors.

Order now the catalog of art multiples and touch the types of Fine-Art paper that we offer you and the unique special processing of PrintLitoArt. You can choose the one that best suits to your work.

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