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With the digital simulated color test you will have the idea of color that will have your print on glossy photo paper that simulates the background and characteristics of the selected paper.

If you do not have the file for printing yet, do not there is no problem, you will receive a list of professional photographers who can help you

The print file to be sent must be in Adobe 1998 high resolution RGB format with at least 300dpi

The file must be a .pdf at 300dpi and max 500MB.

Upload the pdf file from our form

Upload the pdf file from our form

"I declare and guarantee to be the exclusive owner, or anyway subject to the full availability exclusively of all rights including - by way of example and not exhaustive - those of intellectual property and author, relating to the photographs sent to the site of PrintLitoArt .Dichiaro and I guarantee, also, to indulge PrintLitoArt and its claimants from any claim, claim, dispute - even in court - that should arise in relation to the exploitation of the photos by PrintLitoArt "

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Simulated color test

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