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It’s about a trip, started 900 years ago; it’s a story of a very ancient art, starting from its discovery, it has given life over the centuries to an authentic tradition, which PrintLitoArt embraces and brings with it: the Paper.

“Every day, starting from the paper, we create works of art.”

Maestro CartaioIt’s a story started from afar, the discovery of the paper is attributed to the Chinese Minister Ts’ai Lun and dates back to 105 a.C.. Legend has it that the minister, while he was on the banks of a pond, saw a washerwoman rubbing and rinsing ratty clothes. The rubbing caused fraying and all the lost fibers  gathered in an inlet. Ts’ai Lun took the agglomerate of frayed fibers and put them to dry on the grass.

Quickly thereafter he realized that this agglomerate had become a dry, consistent, white and soft sheet and that it could be written. That same sheet and its history went around the world replacing the papyrus processing.

Starting from the mulberry tree, the production of paper had raw materials like bamboo, linen, hemp and rags. Each Master of Paper had his formulas and his secrets although the handed down process was easily replicable.

When it arrived in Italy, the process underwent an evolution: some operations became mechanized with rudimentary means, promoting production and costs. The first places where the existence of the paper was officially recognized were the Maritime Republics: Amalfi, Pisa, Genoa and Venice.

Among galleys, full of merchandise, and crusaders, which moved large quantities from the east to the nerve centers of production

, it was possible to learn the art of making paper. It is in this period, in this setting, that the Magistri in Arte Cartarum were born.

Above all others there was Amalfi, the most ancient of the Republics, which had a flourishing activity of creation and processing of paper already in the ninth century.Magister dell’Arte della Stampa.

The paper of Amalfi is, now as then, a symbol of Made in Italy, of a centuries-old tradition, which is handed down from a generation to another. It is the story of the craftsmanship, a story started from afar, wich characterizes our territory and creates a temporal bridge between the Magistri in Arte Cartarum and our Magister in the Art of Printing.

Starting from the paper we create works of art every day. That‘s how PrintLitoArt was born, the first and only platform in the world, totally Made in Italy, for the realization of art multiples of photographs and artistic works, all produced according to the lithographic method.

Each work is unique, enriched by ennoblements and by the details of our special processings, all of which is certified by our Magister in the Art of Printing, embossed one by one, numbered in a limited series, printed with Italian papers and Italian manufacturing.

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