Art and augmented reality

The art told by the artists

How to help a young artist to emerge and show off his talent? How much does it cost to promote one’s own art?

Combining art and augmented reality is very useful to make yourself known quickly and attract more attention from users.

One of the main objectives of PrintLitoArt is to support the work of many emerging artists thanks to the printing of art lithographs, to make known quickly the work done and to contain costs. We also facilitate the promotion of each artist to make their talent known to critics and art galleries, to sell their works of art and, ultimately, to establish themselves to the general public.

To this end we decided to start a partnership with because together we can help young artists through the union of art and augmented reality.

InquadrArt, the art told by the artists, aims to involve artists from all over the world to allow them to talk about their works through videos, images and texts. The artists produce some images of their works and upload them autonomously via the web on the dedicated portal.

It will be sufficient to frame the work of art printed or in digital format with the app inquadrArt to take advantage of the contents chosen and loaded by the artist. This is how the fusion between augmented reality and art begins!

The user will be conveyed to the information that the artist has chosen and associated with the image. The App created for mobile devices, in addition to being free, allows users a number of other services including the ability to contact their favorite artists.

In February, PrintLitoArt participated as a guest at the event organized by inquadrArt at the MyAle in Rome. The object of the event was the story of works of art with Augmented Reality, an opportunity to present some talented artists such as Ilona Dell’olio and to present our lithographic prints of works of art.

We at PrintLitoArt decided to start this partnership with INQUADRART because through the printing of art lithographs it is possible to support the artists who want to exhibit their works at an event and at the same time they can tell the work of art through the reality increased.

In this way it is possible to overcome the static effect typical of an exposure by inserting a video content, text or audio, that tells the image and the artist while the user is intent to admire the work of art.

Written by Magister