An autumn full of must-sees art exhibitions

Rome, Bologna, Naples, Milan, Florence are just some of the Italian cities that will host unmissable art exhibitions during the next autumn.

We are talking about artists as important as Andy Warhol, Marc Chagall, Picasso! If someone is asking what to do, which trip to organize and what would it be the next cultural destination to visit in the now imminent autumn, then certainly can not miss the top ten of unmissable art exhibitions.


Venice will be the setting for Tintoretto’s life, between the Palazzo Ducale and the Gallerie dell’Accademia. From 7 September 2018 to 6 January 2019, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of its birth, the exhibition will be held with the name “Tintoretto 1519-2019“.


The itinerant exhibition of Marina Abramovic will also starts, with an appointment in Florence from 21 September 2018 to 20 January 2019. Paintings, objects, photographs, installations and projects that will fill Palazzo Strozzi. You will find yourself in front of new performances, also presenting some of her famous performances including “The House with the Ocean View“, the performance that has made the artist excite itself in front of its reproduction.


At Palazzo Mazzetti in Asti, from 27 September 2018 to 3 February 2019, a selection of over 200 works by Marc Chagall arrives for the first time. The exhibition, entitled “Color and Magic” is divided into seven sections that cover the different phases of the artist’s life. Watercolors, paintings, drawings, engravings … everything makes this event one of the unmissable art exhibitions.


Bologna and Rome configure the dual choice granted to Italians this year. From “Warhol & Friends News York in the 80s” by Palazzo Albergati to the Ala Brasini of the Complesso del Vittoriano. Arthemisia, organizer and promoter of the event announced that the two exhibitions will be held in Bologna from 29 September 2018 to 24 February 2018, and in Rome, starting from 3 October 2018.


Again the Vittoriano in Rome, a fantastic setting for unmissable art exhibitions. This time it’s up to “Pollock and the school of New York” where vivid colors, harmonious forms, abstract representations and subjects will represent abstract expressionism. The appointment is from 10 October 2018.


From 18 October to 17 February “Picasso and the myth” will delight the Palazzo Reale in Milan. Among the greatest works masterpieces of the Picasso Museum that recall the classic, pure beauty, flanked by important antiques.


From Magritte to Duchamp 1929: the great surrealism from the Center Pompidou” is the name of the exhibition that will be inaugurated in Pisa’s Palazzo Blu on 11 October 2017 and will remain open until 17 February 2019. An exhibition that will see pictorial masterpieces,  surrealist objects, drawings, photographs and works all under the banner of surrealism.


Seventy images retrace the career of one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century. “Icons” is the exhibition that will take place from 13 October 2018 to 27 January 2019
at Castello Visconteo, in Pavia. The important exhibition wants to offer a vision of the history, the habits and customs of the reference period through a surreal and romantic vein.


The Palazzo delle Arti in Naples, from 1 November 2018 to 22 April 2019, will host the works by the visionary artist Escher. “The great Escher retrospective” will also explain how successive generations have been influenced by the author.


In Milan, from November 21, 2018, Banksy returns with “The art of Banksy. A visual protest “. Set of objects, photographs, videos and murals created by the artist all around the world. Four sections that lead to a critical reflection on the history of art.

Written by Magister