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The tradition of Made in Italy art prints

Our innovative platform, the thirty-year experience of the Magister combined with high-tech printing machines inspired by the 4.0 industry, are for you a guarantee in printing and reproduction of works of art in high quality.

The works will be unique, limited edition and certified one by one, with small differences among all the prints just like the craft products. We do not print digital copies but single lithographic works, individually marked by the Magister, with certification of their uniqueness on parchment paper and individually numbered.

You can choose to print in 4 different formats, with 19 types of Fine-Art papers, 3 printing techniques and 6 special features for a total of 1296 print combinations to make your art lithograph unique.

Why choose PrintLitoArt for reproducing works of art.

We believe that art prints are themselves art. This is why we offer you the best of the tradition of lithographic art printing

We want to make Art accessible to everyone, with costs accessible to the general public.
Our worldwide platform, entirely Made in Italy, from raw materials to the Magister production, gives the possibility to Artists and Art Galleries to print numbered of lithographic works in each single copy and allow everyone to have a value, a work of art in your home or office.
All the cards used are Made in Italy and are ISO 9706 certified that ensure the museum quality of conservation of works of art over time.

Let yourself be inspired

These are some proposals for different types of art prints

proposta offerta prodotto

Nettuno Pesca Paper
For one-colored works of art
Size 35×50 cm

proposta offerta prodotto

Corolla Damasco Paper
For colored works with a matt / pastel effect
Size 35×50 cm

proposta offerta prodotto

Ispira Bianco Purezza Paper
The maximum gloss on smooth paper,
a 5th special color and a gold foil frame
Size 70×100 cm

PrintLitoArt offers you the best of the Made in Italy lithographic print of art

19 tipi di carta Made in Italy6 different special processes4 different formats3 types of color printSimulated color test

We have selected the best 100% Italian cards to give your work the right value it deserves.

Smooth white papers, marked with fabric effect, extra papers or coloring with pastel / opaque, sepia or pink, soft touch or bright white as well as a selection of Fine Art cards ideal to preserve and highlight the colors of your art copy.

Find out more about the types of paper.

Embellish your artwork printing with our exclusive special features.

Through our special processes you could customize your art copies.

They are unique workings of their kind and allow to embellish the work with high quality effects and high artistic impact.

Choose from 4 different print formats the one that best suits your needs.

70×100 cm

64×88 cm

50×70 cm

35×50 cm.

3 colori di stampa printlitoart

At PrintLitoArt we offer 3 different types of printing: one color, two colors and four colors.

The traditional 4-color printing, which uses the 4 basic colors in fast drying pantone and certified to preserve the duration of the lithographs over the years, ideal for printing works with colored subjects.

Or a print of 1 color or 2 colors, if in the work there is only one basic color (for example black) or two colors.

With the simulated color test you will be able to understand how your print will be.

By purchasing the digital color test you will have the idea of color that will have your print on glossy photo paper that simulates the background and characteristics of the selected paper.

The print file to be sent must be in Adobe 1998 high resolution RGB format with at least 300dpi, possibly made by a professional photographer.

Configure Now your Lithographs from € 9.66 *.

Customize your lithographs in just a few steps. You will receive them directly at home.

Each reproduction is made in an artisanal way on Italian Fine-Art paper with the quality certification of the magister.
* Price referring to a single lithograph printed with a 35x50cm color.

Here there are the works of the artists who have chosen the art reproductions with our tradition of lithographic printing and a copy of works of art.

Book now the catalog of paper types, with the different types of printing and our special processing selected by the Magister

You will be contacted as soon as possible

Request proof of print color with the simulation of the characteristics of the paper

€ 9.90 with shipping in Italy Included


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The art told by the artists

The art told by the artists

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